Our Priests

Hegumen Father Daniel Azer Sous

Father Daniel Sous was born on January 5, 1966.

He earned a Degree in Veterinary Medicine from

Assiut University in 1990. He served the Youth in El

Qoussia, Upper Egypt from 1982-1993.He was

ordained Presbyter on June 27, 1993 by His Grace

Bishop Thomas to serve Archangel Raphael Church

in El Qoussia, Egypt till he came to California in

1999 to serve St. Demiana Church in Bakersfield

and St. George and St. Bishoy Church in Visalia. On

February 16, 2008, His Grace Bishop Serapion

elevated him to the priestly rank of hegumen. He is

currently assigned to St. Demiana Church in


Father Beshoy Dawood

Father Beshoy Dawood, was born on September 22,

1975 in Alexandria, Egypt. He received

his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from

Alexandria University in 1998 before going to

work as a veterinarian until his ordination into the

priesthood. Throughout his early life, he

attended and served at St. Mary and St. Cyril the

Great Coptic Orthodox Church in

Alexandria, Egypt before emigrating to the United

States and serving at St. Demiana Coptic

Orthodox Church in Bakersfield. On October 4,

2015, he was ordained as presbyter for the

Diocese to serve alongside Hegumen Father Daniel

Azer Sous at St. Demiana Church in